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Sparkly Purple Nails with Cute Bow Charm

Why helloooooooo friends...long time no see! I'm back from a long break, did you miss me? :)

I think it was well needed, because sometimes life gets in the way and you get burnt out from doing the same thing.

I think from this point on I am going to try to stop forcing myself to do nails so! different! every time and just go with what I feel like wearing at the time.

I would hate to be a blogger that doesn't even get to wear their nail polish...because, although I have mad respect for all the amazing swatchers and artists out there, I personally want to enjoy wearing my mani for a while and have matching hands in real life and in public.

Because actually wearing nail polish is AWESOME.

Sparkly Purple Nails with Cute Bow Charm

So here is my Awesome Wearable Mani of the Day!

I am wearing Sally Hansen Pep-Plum, a gorgeous orchid creme, which I topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust, and then added a cute bow charm on my ring fingers which I received as a gift from my friend.

Aaaand that's pretty much it! Short and sweet and easy, so expect more of these kinds of posts, I'm going to practice being less wordy :D

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KBShimmer Peak My Interest Swatches

Quick post today: KBShimmer Peak My Interest is described as a pink polish with a coral undertone, featuring triangle glitters in white, pink and dark aqua. Hex glitters in periwinkle, white and dark aqua complete this polish.

I think I used 3 or 4 coats so next time I think I would paint it on top of a creme to have less layers.

KBShimmer Peak My Interest Swatches

For some reason I am obsessed with triangles, which is why I jumped on this unique polish. I really like pointy things haha, especially jewelry. What is your favorite shape?

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Monday, August 10

Orly Mirrorball Swatches

Orly Mirrorball Swatches

Today's mani is from a while back, which I ended up stamping over. I found some pictures of the base color, Orly Mirrorball, by itself, and because it is such a gorgeous polish I had to share some swatches!

I don't normally like silver polishes but a lot of people said the same thing and really liked this polish anyway so I said what the hell I have 320834 polishes anyway what's another one. And just like everyone else I LOVE IT. I think for me it is due to the glorious warm holo glow as shown the above pic, the orangey golden tones really come out in the linear holographic edges.

Orly Mirrorball Swatches

I also got a blurry shot to show the amazing holo glitter in action. Just awesome. Have you gotten your hands on Mirrorball yet?

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Milani Color Statement Peri-Wink with BPS Lace Sticker Decals

Have you ever seen that Just Fab commercial (a shoe subscription service) where the girl says,

"Do you really need so many blue? But they're NOT blue! They're teal, cobalt, navy, periwinkle! You don't have periwinkle! YOU NEED PERIWINKLE."

I had a periwinkle moment recently too, realizing that I do not own any creme periwinkle polish. I NEED CREME PERIWINKLE POLISH.

After much browsing in CVS, I finally decided on Milani Color Statement in Peri-Wink, and I just LOVE it. It actually has some faint shimmer in there, but I had a feeling this would appear as a creme on the nail, which it did and I was happy I predicted correctly :)

Milani Color Statement Peri-Wink with BPS Lace Decals

I then added Born Pretty Store's Lace Sticker Decals (press sample) on my middle and ring finger. There are several design sets to choose from, and each set comes with several long strips in 2 different sizes. I am wearing the wider size. I first cut the strip into pieces larger than my nail, lined them up on the nail with tweezers, and once I liked the placement I used my finger to press the sticker smooth. I then took cuticle nippers and trimmed the excess off the sides.

My pictures are shown without top coat, but I will warn you now, you will need a LOT of top cot to keep these suckers down. Since they are stickers they are much thicker than the water decals that I am used to. This is actually my second try using these decals, I had a nail fail using one regular coat of polish, the edges were peeling up like crazy. So be forewarned, I like them now after using THREE coats of HK Girl (my thickest top coat), but at first I was sad and hated them.

In addition, if you have a large C-curve you may experience the sticker buckling / folding near the edge. It happened to me on my ring finger, but I just took my nippers and cut away the part that was sticking up and added more top coat, and you can't even tell.

Milani Color Statement Peri-Wink with BPS Lace Decals

If you are interested in buying these Lace Sticker Decals or anything else from BPS, I have a 10% off code CHUK31, click on the pic below to take you to their site:

Born Pretty Store 10% off code CHUK31

What do you think of these, or the color periwinkle?

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